Propolis Honey

For the winter season or in case of low energy,

this energetic cocktail made with honey and propolis will give you a real boost

Are you feeling tired, weakened ? This honey highly containing in propolis remineralizes, strengthen and tones up your body’s natural defenses

Our honey and propolis are produced and harvested in Natura 2000 area, in the heart of the Perche’s Natural and Regional parc, in the French region Basse-Normandie.


Purifying, remineralizing and nutritive.

It’s reinforcing immunity and stimulating respiratory and digestive mucosa

Directions for use:

Recommended for a 21 days cure: take one teaspoon in the morning, on an empty stomach, and let it melt under the tongue

One cure for one person = a 250 g jar

Price: 16€ a jar