Le domaine des Butineuses


1h40 away from Paris – Can – Le Mans – Orléans

In the heart of Perche’s Regional and Natural parc and in Natura 200 area, our domain is welcoming you in its unusual accommodations, for a unique and memorable experience.

Surrounding by 7 hectares of forests and grasslands, far away from any noises and disturbances, your BubbleBee is waiting for you at the edge of one of the four ponds. While resting, you will be fully able to observe and live in communion with nature.

Deer, hares, pheasants, squirrels, ducks, frogs, woodpeckers, jays, owls, robins, kingfishers… are your only neighbors. If you are lucky, you will maybe cross them or hear them more probably, but we can’t promise anything !


From your wooden terrace, well set in your armchair, you will be able to admire the sunset while tasting some delicious local products, enjoying the serenity of our domain, and listen to the sounds of nature.

Once the night is set, the milky way is showing itself in the dark and pure sky of the Perche’s region, particularly apparent in our domain.

Really sensitive to the protection of our nature and environment,

We also choose to start a professional beekeeper activity to protect and save bees and other pollinating insects.

This is why, in addition to our unusual accommodations in the form of transparent bubbles, we are offering to make you discover the fascinating world of honey and bees, the heart of Domaine des Butineuses.

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